The role of photonics in the automotive / mobility sector (VIDEO)

The automotive industry is going through unprecedented changes, driven by 3 mega trends that are happening in the same timeframe. These are electrification, the drive towards autonomous vehicles & driver support systems, and the change in mobility patterns and city infrastructure.

A presentation by Carol de Vries, Technology and System consultant at PhotonDelta at the Photonic Integration Conference, which took place during the 3rd edition of the Photonics Applications Week.

These trends will fundamentally change the way we think about cars and mobility as a whole, and has a huge impact on the car industry.

These new paradigms require fundamentally different platforms which is pushing innovation and investment needs to the limits. One very clear trend is the rapid increase of electronics in vehicles, both in the drivetrain as well as in all the ADAS and autonomous driving systems, which opens up new opportunities for the automotive as well as the integrated photonics sector.

So far, photonics have been playing a modest role in the automotive industry (e.g. lighting, camera’s, etc.) and integrated photonics is just emerging. PhotonDelta is working on a roadmap for the automotive industry based on integrated photonics, which will provide the Dutch ecosystem of integrated photonics companies and institutes with the guidance to expand on their leading position in this area. This presentation will explain the megatrends and provide details of the main content of the roadmap, which will be published in a few months.

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Automotive / Mobility is one of the topics at the Photonics Applications Week.
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